Kathy and David Johnson

Kathy and David have been married 25 years now. They have three kids, one in college, one in high school and their youngest still in middle school. It seems like only yesterday, when the kids were hanging onto their ankles as they walked around the house, or throwing a tantrum over piece of candy at the check-out counter at the grocery store...

One thing the Johnsons love to do is Travel. Kathy loves planning their family vacations and they take a trip every summer with the kids. Whether it’s a cross country road trip, or a cruise to the Bahamas - the Johnson Family Summer Getaway has always been a tradition.

David’s two favorite hobbies include Poker Night with the guys and watching the Chicago Bears clobber their rivals during Sunday Night Football. He never misses a game, and has the guys over the first Friday of every month for their monthly Poker Night.

Kathy loves to cook and make plans. So whether it’s saving money booking the family trips or finding that great new recipe on the web, she’s always planning something new and exciting for the whole family to enjoy.

Taylor Greene

Taylor is leading a busy life. While her main focus is moving up in the world, working hard to impress her new boss, she also goes to yoga three nights a week, bargain shops at the outlets to get a new suit when she can, and has perfected the 30 minute meals she’s learned while watching the food channel, and maintains her social life - all while staying within a budget! Taylor can get a LOT done when she puts her mind to it.

Her favorite things to do are grabbing happy hour with her friends and getting her monthly allotted pedicure. Money might be tight while navigating her way up through her new job, but she gets it done and with style!